Junior Red Cross

Red Cross

JRC unit of the school started in June, 2008, is a club which provides children with the opportunity to render social service to fellow - children (and adults) of the community. With its slogan: 'HEALTH, SERVICE, FRIENDSHIP, the members of the club have from time to time participated in various programmes such as World Environment Day, Red Cross Day, etc., to instill the spirit of friendship and service to mankind. It also attempts to make young people understand and accept their responsibilities as members of a civil society. It is therefore hoped that this small initiative taken by the school will go a long way in enabling the young people to inculcate a sense of selfless service towards humanity, and to learn and grow towards maturity as social beings. ....

GOD calls into action today All those who are children of light Whatever our hands find to do Let's do it with all of our might." We are at best when we are serving other

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