The Essence and Importance of Music Education and Initiation of Music Courses

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Music is an art form which involves sound. Unlike any other ordinary sounds, sound which is produced from music is pleasant to the ears and reflects life. Musical sounds is said to have an organized pattern of rhythm, synchronization and coordination. It expresses ideas and emotions. It enriches heart, nourishes the mind, and heals the soul. Ludwig van Beethoven, a famous German classical composer has defined music as “the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life.” It can transform lives. It is also a mode of communication. From a hobby, it can be developed into a professional career. It is also a form of entertainment which includes classical, religious, contemporary genres – jazz, blues, pop, rock, and even music of various ethnic groups, musical theatres and performances. It can both be fun and hectic as well. A tremendous effort is required to become a professional. One has to be dedicated, interested, creative and most importantly, talented and gifted. These are the most important elements a musician needs to possess.

In the field of education, music plays a vital role in helping the learner to gain proper knowledge and effective skills. I enhance the learner’s understanding and contribution to the intellectual development as well. Introduction of music at the early stage of childhood is a great advantage since music involves the whole brain and further develops a child’s imagination and will also enable the child to think outside the box. Once a child is engaged to it, the child will develop a sense of self-esteem and better cope with stress and anxiety. In relation to society and culture, music has a close intimacy. It reflects the background of the society and its culture and also its identities and also human development. It has the power to influence society all round.

Synod Higher Secondary School, Shillong has always had a legacy in the field of music. Initially, the school was run by missionaries under the guidance of (Late) Mrs. Gwen Evans, who also happened to be the founder of the school. The school through the years has witnessed remarkable achievements in imparting education to the locals with successful outcomes. Being a missionary school, missionaries, particularly from Wales were known to be very fond and interested in music. They have given lessons to quite a number of locals. They have been an inspiration to many. Some of the learners who were taught by them were fully engaged in it as teachers and have performed in churches and have further contributed quite a lot to this generation. The school as well, has some of the well-known local talents- Miss Eileen Pariat, former teacher of the school and a retired piano instructor at the Directorate of Arts and Culture, Government of Meghalaya, and also Mrs. Annette Sawian, the current principal of the school. It is time for the school to take the initiative to start giving music lessons to the students. The school introduced music courses on piano and classical guitar in the year 2016, under the instruction of Mr. Manbha Warjri and Mr. Danny Lyngdoh with its first enrollment of ten students. Its main objective is to help the students of the school to deepen their appreciation and understanding of music and giving them a platform to showcase their talents and bring interest and enthusiasm in the field of art. In addition to that, it also encourages them to expand their perspectives and develop their individual musicianship in the field of education as well. The students were given an opportunity to perform in the school concert which was held in the year 2017 at Soso Tham Auditorium, Shillong. They performed a medley taken from three famous pieces – The Princess Waltz, Eine Kliene Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ode to Joy by Ludwig Van Beethoven which were accompanied by music teachers. It was a successful attempt and a remarkable achievement having performed on stage for the first time in front of a huge crowd. It went quite well. This year as well, five piano students were selected to appear for a practical examination which was conducted by Trinity College, London. Currently, there are around forty students enrolled so far. Lest we forget, the school owns one acoustic piano which was presented by Dr. and Mrs. Hughes. It is a blessing for the school as we have been able to utilize it in numerous activities.

May the school uphold its reputation for a longer span of time and wave its flag higher and higher.

“Cheer Synod School, Stand up with pride”

Mr. Manbha Kupar Warjri

Piano teacher

Synod Higher Secondary School,


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